ThaiDomainHosting’s WHOIS domain privacy service protects your information from leaking online while keeping you in full control of your domain name. We replace your personal information with our information and forward any correspondence through to you after processing it through our intelligent spam filtering service.

What domains can I protect?
Domain privacy will work for all domains except for .th domain names as the AUDA policy does not allow domain privacy to be enabled for these domains.

What’s the difference between basic and premium?
We provide 2 levels of WHOIS Domain Privacy. Basic WHOIS Domain Privacy will protect your phone number and email address to prevent those pesky scammers from contacting you offering Web Design, SEO, Business Deals and even those who want to steal your information.

Our Premium WHOIS Domain Privacy will conceal all of your details including your Name, Business Name, Street Address, Email Address and Phone Number. We recommend our Premium WHOIS Domain Privacy option for those who want their domain ownership to be completely private.

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