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Getting Started

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks and is a storage technology that combines multiple disks into a single logical unit. Data is distributed across the drives allowing one drive to fail without the web server going offline meaning your website will be online at all times. All Web and Reseller hosting plans utilise network RAID or RAID 10 storage for supreme redundancy. All of our 4+ hard drive compatible Dedicated Servers are set up in a raid 10 array and the 2 drive servers for dedicated customers are set at a raid 1 minimum. We will never put a server in to our data centre that has not been set up in without RAID.


Since 2000 we have used Dell servers and maintain a close relationship with Dell Thailand. All of our Dell servers have a minimum of two power supplies, by having two power supplies one of them can stop working without the server going offline. If this happens we receive an alert and replace the power supply with 30 minutes and zero downtime to the server.

Domain Management

ThaiDomainHosting have one of the most reliable networks at any Thailand hosting provider, we invest a lot of time and money in our network and have it set up in a redundant fashion. We have multiple data centres where our bandwidth is delivered to and we have private diverse 10GbE dark fibre between the locations. We use Vocus and NTT as our primary transit providers and use Equinix and PIPE Networks for our peering bandwidth.


All backups are not located in the same Data Centre as our production servers, we have backup servers located in another secure Data Centre not fa from the primary. All backups servers are connected via high speed fibre optics. In the rare event that we need to revert a server from backups the high speed connections make this possible as if the backup servers were in the same location.

Dedicated Servers

ThaiDomainHosting has been in the hosting industry since 2000 and we have developed a state of the art DR plan incase of an emergency. We run DR drills every 12 months to ensure we are ready for a disaster, we even have spare servers on hand and ready to go in case.

VPS Hosting

We have an exact replica in inventory of any server that is placed in to our Data Centre, purchasing two of every server is an expensive route to take when operating such a business but we take it seriously. We have servers that are sitting in our racks at the Data Centre that are empty and have no intention of ever using them, this may sound strange but there is a good reason behind it. We call these Hot Spare servers, they are the servers we turn on remotely in the unlikely event that another server has completely died and can not be recovered in a 30 minute timeframe. If this is the case then we will restore from offsite backups on to these hot spare machines making sure you are back online as fast as possible.