Continuous Integration and Deployment

DevOps Solutions and Services include DevOps Assessment, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Testing and DevOps Pipelines using Jenkins and Docker.

More DevOps Features

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Continuous Delivery Solutions

Enabling DevOps Solutions for Building Continuous Delivery Pipeline on Microservices, Serverless Computing on Docker, Kubernetes, Hybrid and Public Cloud.

DevOps Monitoring Solutions

DevOps Monitoring Solutions for enabling the visibility of Microservices applications and Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Docker and Kubernetes.

DevOps Strategy and Advisory Services

Talk with our experts for assessment on Infrastructure Automation, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and DevOps Automation Strategy.

DevOps Success with DevOps Metrics

Explore the Guide to Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and 15 Metrics for Measuring Successful DevOps Adoption for Enterprises.

DevOps Success with DevOps Metrics

Explore the Guide to Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and 15 Metrics for Measuring Successful DevOps Adoption for Enterprises

  • Single Click Deployments
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  • Proper Infrastructure Security
  • Automated Rollouts and Rollbacks
  • Automated Security Alerts
  • Supports Microservices and Serverless Computing - Docker and Kubernetes
  • Easy Code Management and Code Reviews
  • Deploy On-Premises, Public or Hybrid Cloud
  • Enterprise DevOps Solutions and Services

    Digital And Cloud-Native Transformation have impacted various types of Enterprises, but with the traditional approach, Most of the enterprises are facing challenges adapting to digital transformation. Enterprise needs to accelerate the digital transformation initiatives for enterprise agility and Continuous Experimentation.

    ThaiDomainHosting provides Enterprise DevOps Solutions and Assessment to enterprises for Improving the Software delivery Cycle, Automation with faster collaboration, Improving release cycle, visibility and Analytics.

  • Cloud-Native DevOps with Kubernetes and Serverless
  • Design and Build Microservices Applications
  • DevOps Intelligence with Analytics
  • Continuous Architecture for Applications
  • Continuous Security – DevSecOps
  • Release Management and Automation – Faster Release Cycle
  • Cloud-Native Transformation and Strategy
  • Continuous Compliance as Code
  • หากคุณต้องการ MS Microsoft 365


    Google Workspace email hosting

    Google Workspace email hosting is a service we provide for small and medium sized businesses throughout Thailand. Proudly Thailand owned, we are committed to bringing our clients reliable, trustworthy and affordable web hosting and email hosting. If you are looking for a powerhouse of computing tools, communication and collaboration tools, the ability to share central files store in a cloud-based server, then Google Workspace for business is the program that offers you all of that with the expense of maintaining servers or purchasing expensive hardware and software programs.

    How many email addresses can I have with a Google Workspace?

    Google offers the world’s leading cloud-based office suite with everything your business needs to connect, stay informed, share documents, manage calendars and reliably access your email from anywhere in the world. We have partnered with Google to develop a scalable Google Workspace email hosting service which allows you to seamlessly migrate across your existing users or generate a new cloud- based storage. For information about storage capacity such as unlimited storage, Google Workspace users and power users, and what size hosting your business needs, contact our Thailand based customer service either online or on 02 114 7310.

    Currently, when you set up Google Workspace for your business, you are permitted 30 Google business mail aliases per Google Workspace user.

    How to transfer email to Google Workspace?

    Our email hosting services includes the ability to seamlessly migrate your current business email to our cloud storage Google Workspace email hosting when you make the switch to ThaiDomainHosting. We offer you affordable and scalable monthly plans designed for businesses and users of all sizes. As part of your switch over to ThaiDomainHosting, we call also manage the entire migration of your services so everything occurs quietly and behind-the-scenes. You can schedule your business email migration at a time which suits you, minimising interruptions to staff and business activities.

    You can also purchase levels of technical support and administration tailored specifically for Google Workspace affordability and ease of use. We are committed to providing our clients reliable and efficient services for the best price available.

    How to add more emails to a Google Workspace?

    To setup gmail accounts or remove them, you will require Administrator level access to your gmail suite. We can set up your administrator account when you switch your services over to us and ensure that you understand how the Google Workspace works, how to set up a new company email address and manage your users. If you would like ThaiDomainHosting to manage your Google Workspace account by creating new email addresses and users, you can upgrade your services to our Google Workspace Business package.

    How do I access my Google Workspace email?

    The Google drive, company email, documents and word processing applications all live in the Google cloud. Our Google Workspace email hosting services mean that we manage the hosting of your entire Google Workspace including computing tools, Google hangouts, cloud emails, etc. Access to your available programs, including your custom email address, can be accessed via the Google Workspace app on mobile devices, desktop and laptop computers. All you need in an internet connection.

    Cloud based storage ensures that everybody, no matter where they are, has reliable access to shared company emails, calendars, documents and storage drives.

    To learn how your business can move to Google Workspace email hosting from ThaiDomainHosting, browse our available business packages online or chat with a consultant on 02 114 7310. Our Thailand based team can help you understand the differences between your Google Workspace account and programs like Microsoft Outlook, explain what level of spam protection is available and how your spam filters would, as well as advise the best and most efficient ways of migrating your services to us.