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Affiliate Control Panel

Our Control Panel allows you to manage all aspects of your Affiliate account, including the following:

  • View click-through ratios of your links or banner
  • View payments by sign-up
  • Download your personalised tracking code
  • Track your commission payouts

Comission Alert

Install this free Windows desktop application and get notified of commissions instantly, right on your Windows desktop!
CommissionAlert runs as a Windows task bar icon (the little shopping cart).

Commission Stats

Install this Windows desktop application and you can check stats instantly, right from your Windows desktop! You can create unlimited profiles in CommissionStats and check stats instantly without having to login to your affiliate control panel or even open a web browser.

Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways to place links on your site, you can even email your affiliate link up to 5 friends at one time. Our affiliate control panel provides you with all the marketing resources you will need, such as banners and text links. These can be found under the “Marketing Materials” section of your account:

We have a variety of different banners that you can use in order to successfully market our services and earn commissions. Our affiliate banners range in size, from your small 250px x 250px block advertisement through to 728px x 90px horizontal and vertical sized banners. These banners are available from within your affiliate control panel with your unique ID associated to it so we know that the sale is coming from you.


As an affiliate, you will place a link or banner on your website. When someone clicks on that link or banner, they are then referred to our site. We identify those visitors (via a cookie/database-driven system) as belonging to you. If they buy web hosting (now or within 90 days), you get a commission added to your affiliate account, based off of the type and value of the product they purchase.

Another way you can earn money is through a unique tiered affiliate system. If a user clicks through on your website and becomes an affiliate under ThaiDomainHosting, they are setup under your 2nd level tier. Any sales that they generate result in a $5 one-time commission to you as well. This way you can make money even if you did not directly refer the customer.

90 day cookie

Sales are tracked using cookies that expire after 90 days. So, when you refer a client to the ThaiDomainHosting site and they don’t purchase straight away, you can still receive a sales commission if they return within 90 days!

Guides & How-To's By Topic