We know moving your website from one company to another can be a difficult and daunting task, many people don’t know where to start and don’t have the time to migrate websites. We offer multiple options which are free and paid to assist you with moving your website from your current web hosting company to ThaiDomainHosting.

For conditional information and assistance with free migrations, please contact sales.

Please note that neither the free or paid services come with any guarantees that your website will work on our platform if it is coming from an old server with outdated technology. If your website is not compatible with our servers, we will contact and inform you about any refunds you may be eligible for. About 95% of migrations to our cPanel or Plesk based hosting products go smoothly, thanks to our 24×7 Rapid Support experts.

Select a Migration Service

Move your cPanel hosted website to ThaiDomainHosting with our fully managed site migration service. Requires active hosting account.

Ease of use

Move your non-cPanel hosted website to a cPanel plan with ThaiDomainHosting's managed migrations. Requires active hosting account.

Ease of use

We take the stress out of moving websites.

Moving your website can be a daunting and risky task, one false step and it could mean your website is offline for hours or even days. If you’d rather leave it up to the experts, ThaiDomainHosting have low-cost website migration services which do all of the work for you. Simply provide our team with your existing hosting login details and we’ll start the investigation and process. Migrations are also scheduled overnight, so in most scenarios it won’t affect your ability to do business.

Migration to ThaiDomainHosting

Please select:

Self Service

If you would like to manually migrate your website and its files to ThaiDomainHosting on your own, please see our knowledgebase article here.

Our article will walk you through the steps that are required in order to prepare and complete the migration of your website to ThaiDomainHosting along with instructions on delegating your domain name to our name servers.

Developer Migration

We recommend having the migration of your website handled by the web designer or the web development team who initially set this up for you.

This will ensure that your site is brought across, configured and tested correctly onto the new hosting service, along with minimising the possibility or length of downtime, this also allows them to upgrade the software to make it compatible and secure.

Site Migration Service

If you want us to migrate your website this may be something we can assist with at a one off cost starting from of $99 AUD (includes GST) per account. We are able to provide you with our website migration service provided your migration meets the following specific criteria:

  • When migrating websites from a cPanel server, we will either require Root access or access to the built in cPanel backup tools. If we are unable to access these tools, we will need to have the ability to login to the account to perform an initial assessment and determine if a migration is possible.
  • When migrating websites from a NON cPanel server, we will need to have the ability to login to the account to perform an initial assessment to ensure appropriate tools are available. Root access is desirable but not strictly required.
  • A customer is moving between servers hosted on our infrastructure that have cPanel or Plesk installed.

We do not provide migrations unless the highlighted criteria can be met. You’re welcome to submit your details for us to confirm if this is something we are able to assist you with.